Reliv Independent Distributor
A Blessing In Disguise  

 When Reliv found me I wasn’t looking for a supplement. I thought I was doing everything I needed to keep my family healthy. I wasn't looking for a business either because I was in a career that I loved. But it did sound interesting so I saved the number.

About a year and a half later I went to work one day and was told I only had a week to work, my position was being eliminated. 

So, I went out and looked for a job, six months later I was still looking and that is when I remembered that number. I called and heard what the products were doing for people and also what the business was doing for people. I knew I needed to check it out. So I did, and within a weeks’ time my husband and I decided this is what I needed to be doing. 

We started the products and the business at the same time and very quickly found out we were not as healthy as we thought. I had been waking up with a headache every morning. I have had hormonal headaches every month like clockwork since I was 20 and I was 50 when I started the products. I have had horrible seasonal allergies since I was about 7 years old. I had to take three medications just to be comfortable, and I had joint discomfort in both hips so bad I couldn't walk for exercise. 

Well the first thing that happened was my headaches lessened. And my allergies? Well I have had the best summers of my life and no longer have sinus infections all winter long. And I can walk all day long at Disneyland with no discomfort!!
About two years ago I realized that just because I was healthy on the inside that didn't 
mean I was able to keep up with our six kids ages 6-15. I started using the products for
weight loss and today I can say I am more fit than I have ever been!!
Down 65lbs and feeling better than ever!!!

But I didn't have this story when I started the business, so I connected people that I knew to people who already had results!

The first month in the business I placed 9th in the Nation for sales volume. What that meant was that, on top of my other Reliv Income, I got bonuses of $1,700.00 and my husband George and I got to go on an all-expense paid trip to Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri to spend time with Bob Montgomery (The CEO of Reliv) and his family, at their home... 

When we met them and saw the kind of people they are we knew we wanted to be involved with this company for a very long time!

We have been doing this since 2008, we have received a check every month since we started, bonuses along the way. One year we came home from our International Conference knowing this was a gift we needed to share with more people. That month we put more intention into our business and placed 1st in the Nation!! That came with a $5,000.00 Bonus and in all forms of income we made right under $8,000.00 that month. But the best part is that every penny we make is because we are watching someone’s life change for the better!!My husband retired in 2011 and we are doing this together now. We are never going to retire from Reliv because watching people's lives change is just too much fun!!